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Case 1: Facilitating construction of a New Police Station

The adoption of the new constitution and the alignment of the National Police Service Act to the new dispensation warranted a shift in policing from a ‘police force’ to a ‘police service’ seeking to minimise issues of corruption, poor professionalism, poor police-community relationships, public mistrust of policing and low levels of reporting of crime by establishment of Community Policing.

Case 2 :P-BLD Inspires Nakuru’s First Gender Policy

County Government was described by some participants as reactive rather than proactive in relation to issues affecting women’s rights, children’s rights and the security and safety of women and children. There is high competition for resources in some places in Nakuru County, which means accessing funds can be difficult without the right network of interest and support

Case 3: Skills Development and Economic Empowerment for Women in Prison

Many women involved with the criminal justice system receive short-term sentences and some move through this cycle several times. Lack of employment or income security and low levels of education and skills were identified by participants as factors in this cycle of custodial sentences.

Case 5 : P-BLD Lessons spurs investment into Safe House for Vulnerable Children and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence

The African culture itself it carries so many things, wife battering, is just normal… Let’s say if a girl is above 14 years she walks into a boy’s house they will just say it is normal but she’s underage you see… You’ll find like let’s say like drinking alcohol if your wife drinks and you drink you go home and molest your children is just ‘hawa ni walevi’ (those are just drunkards) that is the Kenyan way of saying things.

Case 6: Community Policing ‘Clusters’ a security initiative innovation after PBLD

All tribes in this county, that is the 44 tribes in Kenya, they live here (Nakuru Town West to Njoro)…Because it is the area that people can live cheaply. It is a slum area. When it comes to time of the election the politicians incite those people, and you know when they’re given hand-outs they can do anything.’ ‘The government brought the police without even harmonizing them with the society… They brought an act of community policing. It is in the constitution. The police will work with the community. How are they going to work with the community?’

Students-Police Forums : Study 1

This is a case of a standard five pupil in Kaptembwo Primary School who was being subjected to physical and psychological violence by his parents. He had marks all over his body, a wound in his leg that was caused by beatings from his mother, his uniform was tattered and he did not have a sweater. Following consultations with his teachers, it emerged that he would always come to school late and his academic performance was poor.

Community Policing Forum : Study 2

A 12 year old girl in Kaptembwo informal settlement had been continually defiled by a 45year old local musician neighbour and in the process, she was impregnated. Such forms of violence are normalised in the area and this is not an isolated case but just one among many that go unreported

Students-Police Forums : Study 3

At Rubiri primary school in Naivasha Municipality, a standard five girl aged 12yrs has continually been defiled by her biological father in the knowledge of family members who feared reporting the case. The concentration and performance of the pupil at school as observed by teachers had lately deteriorated.