The community teams Engagement Framework associated with community teams is a key milestone of the PROACT project which is a community based intervention project in Kenya, is a multi-phased prevention programme in Kwale, Nakuru and Isiolo counties that is empowering, enabling and equipping county officials, national government stakeholders and civil society organizations with the tools and know-how to collaboratively stem hate, polarization and extremism.

The framework and the community teams seek to contribute to these preventive efforts by identifying and engaging vulnerable and/or at risk stakeholders. The local interventions model will identify pathways of assistance which allows for a multifaceted approach that includes support such as: psychosocial and trauma healing, counselling and peer mentoring, and microenterprise and skills improvement. The community teams, drawn from existing structures and credible leaders within the communities such as peace committees, Nyumba Kumi, local civil society and faith based leaders, public health workers, psychologists amongst others, will be key in leading these local non-securitized preventive interventions.

This is in a bid to build community resilience to ideological, religious and political narratives that seek to polarize, radicalize and recruit persons into violence and violent extremism. Apart from providing social skills to at risk individuals, the community teams will deliver community psychosocial support and where necessary, individual psychosocial support, and make referrals to other state and non-state stakeholders aimed at addressing vulnerabilities among ‘at risk’ individuals. The skills community teams members will gain from trainings delivered by ISD and her partners will be applicable for their day to day work as they seek to prevent polarization, radicalization and recruitment into violence and extremism in the communities. The trainings will be delivered in form of modules (12 modules) based on the assessment forms filled by participants.

The PROACT project is aimed at building upon existing work, research, policies and structures in Kenya in the prevention of violence, terrorism recruitment and psychosocial support space. The project is being delivered by ISD and partners namely Act Change Transform (Act! – Research, M&E), Human Rights Agenda (HURIA – Kwale), Midrift Hurinet (Nakuru) and Isiolo Peace Link (IPL – Isiolo).

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