National Police Reservists

National police Reservists (NPR) is a Jamii Thabiti program which was implemented by Midrift Hurinet through the support of UK aid.


What was the issue/problem?

Nginyang’ Police Station in East Pokot Sub County, Baringo County, serve a large area. Officer Commanding Nginyang’ Police Station Ibrahim Mushima says the station receives only 400 litres of fuel for police vehicle per month to cover a vast area. Cases of defilement and other crimes are difficult to report as residents from Loruk, Tangulbei, Paka and Silale are forced to walk tens of hundreds of kilometres to access services at Nginyang’ Police Station.
On the other hand, there has been a sour relation between residents and the police officers. This is evidenced by incidences of residents stoning police vehicles once they spot them as they cited an incident at Jadis area.

What did Jamii Thabiti intervention do?

Jamii Thabiti through MidRift Hurinet organised meetings between the residents and security officers in the area. Through these meetings, it was reported that there was need to provide the Pokot community with National Police Reservists (NPRs) to improve community safety and security. The Ilchamus and Tugen communities already had NPRs and this was great concern for the Pokots. MidRift Hurinet lobbied the CSIC and the Pokots were granted NPRs.
The Pokots argued that the NPRs were knowledgeable of who are the criminals and it would be easy for them to apprehend criminals. This would help end inter-communal conflicts.

 What was the impact/result of our intervention on the stakeholder(s)?

The NPRs have helped improve community safety and security for the Pokots, largely because they were recruited from reformed warriors. The CPC Nginyang cited incidences where cattle were stolen from Pokot and from neighbouring communities and the NPRs called those who has stolen them giving an ultimatum to return the cattle. The cattle were returned and the community is praising the role of the NPRs for the inter-communal peace and security in the area. The community requested that NPRs be incorporated into the Nginyang CPC.

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