Peaceful elections in Nakuru Town East Sub-County

Youths deviates from extralegal means to an end leading to peaceful elections in Nakuru Town East Sub-County

The upgrade of Nakuru Municipality into a City came with its share of security challenges. This has seen mushrooming of vicious criminal gangs, increase of cases of murder by gang members, mugging, snatching of personal properties on run away motorcycles and general upsurge in insecurity across the county. The National Police Service headquarters in response made changes to the County security personnel by transferring the County Police Commander on grounds of underperformance replacing her with a more aggressive Police Commander from a previous gang violence prone Kasarani estate in Nairobi known for his hard fight against criminality.  There has been allegations of the gangs having affiliations with well-known politicians in Nakuru and that there were plans to use them to cause political violence

In June, 2022, three PBLD leaders from Nakuru Town East cohort; A police Officer, Religious leader and National Government Administration Officer (NGAO) using a local Mosque as a safe space for dialogue, brought together 400 alleged youths  gang members to dialogue on organized crime and the risks involved, the importance of peace before, during and after 2022 general elections providing them with current opportunities that the government has put in place for them including the Kazi Mtaani initiative. The NGAO officer promised to absorb the youths who are willing to join the livelihood programme as an alternative means of making a living to deter joining and or continuing with gang activities.

Implementing what is taught in PBLD training the ABC (Attitude, Being and Communication) of leader presence and collectively inquiring into the enablers and drivers into joining in gang violence while creating a safe space (the Mosque and an Imam) to enter into uncomfortable debate around youth involvement into political violence, the three leaders build trust making it easy for the youth to openly discuss and share their frustrations collectively agreeing on interventions owning the solutions. 

First, 270 youths out of the 400 youths were absorbed into the government livelihood programme after a vetting exercise to affirm their documentations; identity cards and phone numbers that have not been used in criminal activities. Secondly, some of the youths denounced their gang membership and surrendered crude weapons they used in their day-to-day gang activities guaranteeing them Kazi mtaani a government initiative that aims to empower youth financially. Lastly, there has been a notable change in the involvement of youth into violent political activities in the 2022 general elections in Nakuru Town East Sub-County