Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism

MidRift Hurinet in partnership with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and the Strong Cities Network (SCN) is implementing PROACT Project to prevent and counter violent extremism (PCVE). This is through supporting the implementation of the Rapid Nakuru County Action Plan (RCAP) on PCVE. The PROACT Project is also being implemented in Isiolo and Kwale Counties by Isiolo Peace Link (IPL) and Human Rights Agenda (HURIA) respectively.

Baseline research has been undertaken to inform programming as well as Monitoring and Evaluation (see downloads). An assessment of the implementation status of the (RCAP) has also been done (see downloads).

This project is aimed at promoting sustainable multi-sectoral coordination and collaboration among violence prevention actors to prevent violent extremism and other forms of violence. It seeks to create basic conditions for collective action among different stakeholders. The project will actively engage different sectors to develop joint strategies to address vulnerabilities among ‘at risk’ groups and to deliver messages to disengage citizens from violent extremism. A community engagement framework to support community awareness on polarisation, radicalisation and violent extremism will be set up in Kaptembwo and Kivumbini wards. The community engagement framework will guide the process of providing group as well as individual psychosocial support to ‘at risk’ persons to dissuade them from the pathway to radicalisation to violent extremism.

In addition to supporting the County Engagement Forum (CEF) in coordinating PCVE activities, PROACT Project is decentralising the CEF by creating awareness among stakeholders in the 11 Sub Counties on PCVE as well as the Rapid Nakuru County Action Plan (RCAP).

The project hosted an Inter-County PCVE Exchange forum between 24th to 26th November 2020 in Nakuru. Delegates were drawn from 11 Counties and a joint communique developed to help advance the implementation of County Action Plans (CAPs) on PCVE (see downloads). Midrift Hurinet shall similarly host a Governor’s Roundtable to assess county preparedness in supporting the implementation of County Action Plans (CAPs) on PCVE.



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