Our Good Governance activities interrogate how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources especially at the devolved county level.

Interrogating bursary allocation in Rhoda Ward, Nakuru West

Our interventions are mainly centered on public participation where we endeavor to ensure that citizens are able to follow, understand and participate effectively in the decision making processes as well as holding and being accountable for use of devolved resources.

MIDRIFT HURINET through the support of USAID/SFCG undertook to enhance citizen participation in governance and especially in the budgeting process. As an organization we established that whereas there are many devolved funds not many citizens are aware of them and if they were, they did not know how to go about accessing them. We also established that many of these funds were clouded in allegations of corruption in their disbursements as well as allocations increasingly being done along tribal lines and as a ‘reward’ to persons that supported or voted for particular candidates. We set out to advocate on this issue.


Project Objectives are :-

Key Emerging Issues from the State-Citizens Dialogue Forums


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