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Ongoing Midrift Hurinet Programmes

  1. Urban Violence Prevention Project in Nakuru & Naivasha Municipalities

This project is funded by the Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY). It uses evidence-based approach to crime and violence prevention. It has developed two forms of knowledge;

  1. Urban Violence Prevention meeting in Nakuru Municipality

    Urban Violence Prevention meeting in Nakuru Municipality

    A crime and Violence study report in Nakuru Municipality which is informing crime and violence prevention practitioners and policy-makers in Nakuru Municipality and County evidence based interventions.

  2. A booklet with information on key issues related to the police in Kenya intended to help promote trust, dialogue, knowledge and understanding between the police and Citizens as a basic condition for collective action. The Booklet is titled “101 Things You Wanted to Know about the Police but were too afraid to Ask.” It was developed in collaboration with Katiba Institute and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative.

The Project entails working with police, Civil Society Organizations, the Private Sector and both the County and National Government officers.

While the actions of these stakeholders are individually involved in addressing violence in their midst, their efforts are hardly coordinated. Towards this, the project holds ward dialogue forums and municipality dialogue forums bringing these stakeholders together to address violence.

By these dialogue forums, we are working towards developing a draft violence prevention policy and a three year plan for Nakuru County by December 2019. These Dialogue Forums are laying the basis for the County Policing Committees (CPCs) Community Policing Authority (CPA) and Community Policing Forums (CPFs) take off.

  1. Jamii Thabiti Programme – Improving Community Policing

The Jamii Thabiti Programme is funded by DFID/Coffey International. It is aimed at strengthening community Policing to address criminal violence through improved community knowledge of rights, responsibilities and partnership with safety and security service providers in resolving violence at the local level.

Jamii Thabiti Programme in Nakuru

Jamii Thabiti Programme in Nakuru

Improving Community Security (ICS) programme is building on the achievements of improved legislation, police accountability and reduction of conflict and security architecture at the County level to provide a more people-centred, long-term approach to peace-building, police reform, community safety and security. The programme intends to reduce levels of criminal violence, inter-communal violence, and violence against women and girls (VAWG), by working with authorities, service providers and civil society at the National and County levels.

Midrift Hurinet through this programme is working towards promoting effective dialogue, early warning and early response of cases, violations and abuses in Elementaita, Naivasha, Nakuru Central and Kaptembwo Police Stations. Through equipping the Police Officers in those stations and Citizens on Community Policing guidelines, we are setting up Community Police Forums (CPFs) in each Police Station.

While we appreciate that many police officers are doing their work with integrity, there are a few police officers whose actions taint the image of the Police Service. To this end we are increasing knowledge of the public on IPOA’s mandate and reporting procedures in order increase the public’s participation in matters of accountability and community policing oversight.