#43 Creating Peaceful, Fair and Non-Violent Elections

This study assesses the impact of the Role of the MIDRIFT – DIGNITY Partnership Program on Securing Peaceful Elections, focusing on Nakuru and Baringo Counties, Kenya. It unpacks lessons learned and prospects for replicability. The report also analyses the Place-Based Leadership Development (PBLD) programme, which forms part of the broader Intersectoral Urban Violence Prevention (IUVP) programme.

The programme is conceived as a strength-based trust-building and relationship-building programme. It develops collaboratives of local leaders able and willing to work together across relevant urban sectors to prevent violence and create safe communities.

Root Causes of Gender - based violence in Informal settlements 2023

The term gender-based violence is recognized and participants estimated it as high. The study shows that community members in the informal settlements often hearthe term gender-based violence and report high estimates for physical and sexual violence. Informants also describe how cases of gender-based violence have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The rise in cases is attributed to gendered power imbalance but worsened due to the loss of jobs and financial instability during the pandemic.


This booklet gives information about Gender-based violence and where to get help. The guide also gives information on how to support someone experiencing gender-based violence.

Nakuru County Peace Building and conflict Management Act 2021

MHPSS Project Evalaluation Final Report

Baseline Evaluation Report for PROACT Program DEC 2020

P-BLD Facilitators Guide

Gender Based Violence in Two Informal Settlements in Nakuru County Kenya

This report is the result of a collaboration between DIGNITY- The Danish InstituteAgainst Torture and Midrift Hurinet. The purpose of the study was to examine theprevalence and impacts of GBV among women living in informal settlements in NakuruCounty. We also evaluated help-seeking attitudes and behavior. The study was designedto inform the development and implementation of a mental health intervention in thelocal communities.

P-BLD Evaluation and Impact Study

(P-BLD) Evaluation and Impact Study

Place-based leadership development (PBLD) is a programme that aims to support the development of collective leadership capabilities within a given locality. PBLD helps local leaders to build their individual leader and collective leadership capability to work more effectively together at the sectoral, intersectoral and wider territorial levels. An impact evaluation was carried out in August-November 2019. The evaluation report provides an assessment of the impact of the PBLD programme and seeks to identify the outcomes at individual, intersectoral and territorial levels in Nakuru County.


Midrift Hurinet in partnership with the Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY) has been implementing a program titled Intersectoral Urban Violence Prevention (IUVP) programme which was dubbed ‘USALAMA BORA.’  The program focuses on addressing Urban Violence Prevention in Nakuru and Naivasha Municipalities and has been running from 2017.

Nakuru County Violence Prevention Policy


The Nakuru County Violence Prevention Policy gives direction on how violence will be managed in Nakuru County through inter-sectoral collaborations and dialogue forums, promotion of trust between the citizens and the police, improvement in data collection, analysis and sharing with stakeholders as well as the intersectoral response coalition.

Nakuru countering violent extremism action plan


The CAP offers Nakuru County’s stakeholders an immediate action plan to protect communities and citizens from violent extremism. The task force that developed this document included : national government officials under the County Commissioner, County government officials under the Governor, NGOs with the interest and aptitude in working in CVE, and those with unique contributions to make on building resilience, citizens and community leaders. The process has produced a CAP that is aligned to the national strategy, with a small number of priorities, and whose implementation is coordinated and monitored by county CVE Forum.

Reserch on Urban Violence in Nakuru
Reserch on Urban Violence in Nakuru


The present study, commissioned by DIGNITY, is the first of its kind as it focuses on urban violence in Nakuru County. It provides new knowledge that will inform the design of a three- year multi-stakeholder urban violence program in selected areas of the county. The study was conducted in five sites across Nakuru County: Bondeni and Kaptembwo, Nakuru Town; Karagita and Kabati, Naivasha Town and Molo Town, where urban violence was previously understudied and, therefore, not well understood.

From Intervention to Impact


This publication informs how Midrift Hurinet has been working with police officers and communities in creating basic conditions for collective action. It also shows the impact achieved through the IUVP program.



 The overall outcome of the CPFs was to improve safety and security by strengthening community policing in addressing violence at family level and the community. This was to be achieved through building the capacity of police officers in the four selected police stations on police reforms, peacebuilding and violence against women and girls policies to ensure effective handling and response of cases; strengthening the relationship between community members and the police in the four selected police station jurisdictions by increasing community member’s trust and confidence in the National Police Service; thereby contributing to a reduction in violence in the community.

101 Things you wanted to know about the police but were too afraid to ask.

The primary purpose of 101 Things you wanted to know About the Police But Were Too Afraid to Ask is to improve relations between the police and the public.We consider that better understanding between the police and the public would come about if both of them have a better understanding of the obligations of the police and the rights of the people.101 Things focuses largely on the authority of the police and the rights of the people they must respect.

The constitution of kenya.

The Constitution of Kenya is the supreme law of the Republic of Kenya. There have been three significant versions of the constitution, with the most recent redraft being enabled in 2010.It was formed through deliberation with the citizens and it aims to promote :-​