Reducing Insecurity and Violent Extremism in the Northern and Coastal Regions

MIDRIFT HURINET launched a Peace, Safety and Security program called REINVENT in 2020 which is Reducing Insecurity and Violent Extremism in the Northern and Coastal Regions of Kenya. This is a security intervention program funded and supported by the Department for International Development (DFID) and implemented by Tetra Tech International Development, Danish Demining Group (DDG) and Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

This is a five-year program whose aim is to enhance the country’s capacity, knowledge and ability to address inter-communal conflict, weak community-police relations, violence against women and girls (VAWG), violent extremism and election-related violence. REINVENT further aims at supporting the continued advancement of police reforms to improve the management, oversight and accountability of the National Police Service. And improving collaboration between state (police) and non-state actors (community) in a mutual accountable and inclusive manner to respond effectively to the root causes of violence.

MIDRIFT HURINET started implementation of its activities by first holding an induction workshops in Nakuru and Baringo counties on 22nd & 24th September 2020. The forums brought together security agencies within Nakuru and Baringo Counties to make REINVENT known to them as well as lobby their support and collaboration in the program implementation. The five-hour sessions provided ample time and space for Midrift to conclusively make the program known to the stakeholders. Baringo county has been crippled with inter-community and clan disputes for years. The county has also in the past reported cases of violence against women and girls. It is for this reason that MIDRIFT HURINET identified the region as a second county set to benefit from the REINVENT program.

REINVENT is set to promote the practice of police accountability to build police effectiveness in addressing community security, violent extremism and election violence thus strengthening peace, safety and security. This will in turn improve police-public relationship reducing hostilities between the two. Get more information about the program online at Re-Invent Kenya across all platforms.