REINVENT : Business Sector Engagement in Peace and Security programme

REINVENT : Business Sector Engagement in Peace and Security programme

MIDRIFT-REINVENT engagements between Nakuru County Enforcement officers and Market Traders & Leaders from Nakuru Town East has ensured that collaboration between different sections of the Market and the enforcement unit is enhanced.

They have come up with a reporting system that guarantees confidentiality to security agencies and other duty bearers and a feedback mechanism that has minimized conflicts that arose before.

The market leaders divided in different sections have organized a meeting with the leadership of the Inspectorate Unit, other stakeholders in the Market and the Ward representative office that will address some of the emerging challenges.

As feedback on commitments made on previous meetings facilitated by MIDRIFT HURINET through support from the REINVENT Programme, the market leaders have also engaged the Sub County Police Commander on modalities of having a Police Post in the market and having police patrols. Even though having the police post is not viable now due to lack of enough police officers, patrols have been enhanced in Nasha and Wakulima markets. This has ensured that even the bodaboda stages adjacent to the markets are free from criminals.

The City Inspectorate Department was also commended for ensuring East Road is at least 40% accessible after traders who had previously occupied the road spaces were encouraged to get inside the markets.

BodaBoda Association committed to sensitize their members to observe traffic rules and other by laws such as payment of licenses and levies by the County Government. The riders were encouraged to embrace mindset shift when handling criminal and desist from mob injustices.

The PWD’s were encouraged to get assessed in Government hospitals and get prerequisite documentation in order to benefit from license waivers and other economic empowerment initiatives being offered by the Government.

Through the Business Sector Engagement in Peace and Security programme, the Nakuru East Inspectorate Officer committed to have officers with skills in handling PWD issues as more collaborations and engagements are sought with the office of the MCA


By Jacob Karani

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